Project: Powder Feedstock Evaluation for Additive Manufacturing – Developing Quality Assessment Guidelines

Partner Lead



Attention has been paid to the test methods required to measure the key process variables to assess powders, however there are no guidelines indicating what is deemed an acceptable test result.


Identify the key powder properties that control powder-bed AM processes, and recommend acceptable tolerance bands for relative standard deviation and uncertainty measurement values for the ASTM powder test methods.


  • Input Data source: MTC Internal research project

  • ASTM AM proficiency test Program

  • Data from this study will be used to develop ASTM guidelines


Powder feedstock assessment is essential for certification of powders received from suppliers and for qualification of powders reused in powder-bed AM processes. MTC will conduct research aimed at developing quality assessment standards for metal powders used in additive manufacturing machines. This feedstock characterization research will contribute to a standard guide that helps people who need to evaluate powder quality and recyclability.