Powder Feedstock (MTC)

Powder feedstock evaluation for AM: Developing quality assessment guidelines – Phase 2

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Attention has been paid to the powder test methods required to measure the key powder properties to assess powders, however there are no guidelines indicating what is deemed an acceptable test result. Guidelines will help test labs to develop suitable and robust operating procedures for powder tests methods, to ensure they are achieving repeatable test results.


This project will relate to the following gaps outlined in the AMSC roadmap: Gap PM1 – Flowability; Gap PM3 - Particle Size and Particle Size Distribution; Gap PM4 - Particle Morphology; Gap PM7 - AM Process-Specific Metal Powder Specifications.


  • Input Data source: MTC Internal research project

  • ASTM AM proficiency test Program

  • Data from this study will be used to develop ASTM guidelines


For a range of commonly used current ASTM and ISO powder test methods, we propose to perform an operator proficiency study and leverage findings from ASTM’s AM Proficiency Test Programme (PTP), to obtain typical variability in test methods suitable for AM powders. This study will help powder labs understand what an acceptable test result is, and aid AM users on understanding typical variation in test results that can be obtained from different test houses. 

Deliverables (standardization gaps)

Deliverable-1: Static and Dynamic Image Analysis 

Deliverable-2: Testing of stainless steel (SS316) 

Deliverable-3: Testing of aluminum (AlSi10Mg0.6) 

Deliverable-4: Recommendations to update work items and standards

Work item-1: Updates to work item WK66030 

Work item-2: Updates to current active ASTM powder test method standards

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