The AM CoE’s first five R&D projects were announced in October 2018.

Led by our partners, these projects have the potential to fill 13 gaps identified by the Standardization Roadmap for Additive Manufacturing as well as impact 16 existing standards.


Metallic AM Testing (Auburn Univ.)

Research mechanical testing issues in additive manufacturing to better understand the relationships between the properties of test specimens and the performance of parts.

Post-Processing (EWI)

Research how various surface finishing techniques for additively manufactured products impact performance and structural integrity


Feedstock (MTC)

Research the development of quality assessment standards for metal powders used for additive manufacturing

Process Qualification (NASA)

Develop standard procedures, metrics, and requirements to help qualify machines and processes for laser bed fusion


Non-Metallic AM Testing (NIAR)

Focus on mechanical testing issues surrounding polymers used in 3D printing