Accelerating R&D, standardization, and innovation in AM


The ASTM International Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence (AM CoE) is a collaborative partnership among ASTM—and its 30,000 members—and representatives from government, academia, and industry that conducts strategic R&D to advance standards across all aspects of additive manufacturing (AM) which will accelerate the development and adoption of robust, game-changing technologies.


Clear Vision and Dedicated Mission

AM CoE works to advance AM through this improved approach to standardization by providing:

Strategic guidance and funding 

  • $5M+ combined in-kind, government agency, and ASTM investment

Coordinated R&D and expedited standards development 

  • 5 projects initiated that will address 13 standard gaps and impact 16 standards

Programs and services to support education and workforce development

  • 100 global team members and 8 training courses in development


In 2009, ASTM International launched a technical committee—F42—to develop standards for additive manufacturing technologies. That group has attracted over 600 of the world’s leading experts in this emerging industry.

AM CoE embodies ASTM's continually growing leadership, keeping pace with rapid technological advancements in additive manufacturing, as outlined in this Standards Development: Enabling Manufacturing Innovation and Accelerating Commercialization white paper.

Strategic Goals


Close standards gaps and meet standards needs

Carry out AM research and development (R&D) to support all industries


Create strong global partnerships


Support education, training, proficiency testing, and certification


Host expert-oriented AM events, workshops, and symposia


Core Activities


Research needed to accelerate standards priorities


Global partnerships to meet evolving market needs


Collaboration with industry to identify needed R&D



Benchmarking for standards development

Programs and Services

World-class workforce development program 


 How it Works…


The AM CoE Advantage: Taking AM to the Next Level

Targeted R&D

Accelerate the development of standards by sponsoring research projects specifically identified to close standardization gaps

Unique model

Go beyond merely implementing to standards to funding the research necessary to create standards for worldwide implementation

Strategic partnerships

Bringing together leading organizations with key capabilities to determine what's needed to take AM to the next level


The Center facilitates collaboration and coordination between government, academia, and industry to advance AM standardization and expand ASTM and our partners' capabilities.


The Center bridges standards development with R&D to better enable efficient development of standards, education and training, certification and proficiency testing programs.