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E-learning courses are designed for flexible completion periods. These courses are suitable for working professionals who want to complete a course at their own pace and ideal for organizations who want to train a large number of employees without disrupting its operations.

ASTM E-Learning Courses

Principles of Additive Manufacturing

Principles of Additive Manufacturing

About the Course:

This Elearning course provides a comprehensive understanding of additive manufacturing (AM), covering the seven AM technologies as per ISO/ASTM 52900 standards, key industry terms, and the entire process chain. It delves into the various AM materials, their applications, and the crucial aspects of safety and facility requirements in AM implementation. Participants will also learn about the widespread applications of AM across various industries, aiding in identifying potential uses within their own organizations.

Course length:

The course takes approximately 2 hours to complete and includes instructional video content and interactive knowledge checks.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, the attendees will be able to:

  1. Explain common AM terms and definitions
  2. Describe the steps required in AM in addition to printing
  3. List the 7 AM technologies found in ISO/ASTM 52900 and explain the basics of how they print parts
  4. Recognize the commonly used materials for AM and the different forms they may be found
  5. Identify safety considerations in AM and establish the need for risk mitigation
  6. Summarize where AM is utilized and the potential benefits of using AM

This training course will be most valuable to those who are new to additive manufacturing (AM) at any level – operator, engineer, or management. Other interested roles are those working alongside AM personnel such as procurement, sourcing, logistics, accounting, facility management, and safety.

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Additive Manufacturing Safety Certificate

Additive Manufacturing Safety Certificate

About the Course

The Additive Manufacturing (AM) Safety eLearning course equips participants with essential knowledge on setting up AM facilities and managing safety throughout the AM process lifecycle. It encompasses various regulatory standards and codes relevant to AM, offering guidance on their application in facilities, and focuses on employee safety and wellbeing in the context of additive manufacturing technologies. Additionally, the course provides insights into implementing safety elements and best practices during key stages such as facility establishment, material handling, post-processing, and emergency response.

Course length:

The course takes approximately 6 hours to complete and includes instructional video lecture content, interactive knowledge checks, and an exam.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, the attendees will be able to:

  1. Name and describe standards and codes applicable to AM processes
  2. Recognize and document hazards presented by the AM materials, equipment, and facility
  3. Implement risk mitigation steps
  4. Identify many of the facility and equipment design requirements that enhance safety
  5. Locate needed safety controls (engineering, administrative, Personal Protective Equipment) during the life of an AM process
  6. Describe how to handle and store waste materials generated from the AM process
  7. Identify ways to implement an emergency response and security program

This training course will be most valuable to users of additive manufacturing (AM) equipment, AM Engineers and Managers, and Facility or Safety Mangers whose responsibilities ensure the safe operations and environment for their organization.

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AM CoE by the Numbers

With decades of experience in additive manufacturing, our team of experts is integral to our work. With team members located throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia, the AM CoE is able to provide agile support for global initiatives.


combined in-kind, government agency, and ASTM investment
projects initiated that will address AM standardization gaps

How can I participate?

  • Support through Research and Development

    Through the AM CoE, research priorities are identified by the top minds in the field and are matched from the start to the standards that need to be generated to ensure the resulting AM technology’s success.

  • Consortium for Materials Data and Standardization

    Consortia for Materials Data & Standardization (CMDS) enables companies of all sizes from across the entire additive manufacturing ecosystem to collaborate on standardizing the best practices for materials data generation.

  • Explore On-Demand Webinars

    The webinar series provides guidance sessions on multiple and diverse topics in AM Design, Fabrication, Post-processing, Mechanical testing, Non-destructive evaluation, Applications, and Qualification and Certification.

  • Education & Workforce Development

    Comprehensive program that educates and trains the additive manufacturing workforce at all levels, while continually incorporating new advances to respond to industry needs and leverage standardization, certification, and AM CoE partner expertise.