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Snapshot Workshop

8th AM CoE Snapshot Workshop

September 19, 2022

Augsburg Innovationspark GmbH – Technologiezentrum Augsburg Am Technologiezentrum 5
86159 Augsburg, Germany


Theme: Advanced Industrial Applications – Driving Additive Manufacturing Forward

This one-day workshop, held at the Technology Center Augsburg – Augsburg Innovationspark, Germany, on Sept 19, 2022, will provide a comprehensive snapshot of the advancement in the industrial applications at the major industries driving additive manufacturing. The workshop gives a holistic view of the AM advancements in industries such as space, aviation, automotive, and related sectors. The workshop is open to all those interested in knowing the latest and greatest in AM in these different industry sectors and getting engaged in meaningful discussions with AM experts.

The 8th Snapshot Workshop also covers the need for AM standardization in the above-mentioned industry sectors to drive AM forward and the research initiatives from AM CoE partners to address the standardization gaps.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is open to all AM professionals, including industry , academia, and government agency representatives who want to learn about the latest AM standardized practices and the research and development initiatives.

Why You Should Attend

The speakers in this workshop are experts from industry sectors who lead the research and innovation in additive manufacturing. This gives a unique opportunity for the participants to understand more about the best standardized practices and participate in the interactive presentations and panel discussions. Each session is designed with a focus on industry needs and the role that standards can play in driving innovation.

Earn a Verification of Completion Certificate

This Snapshot Workshop is the 8th offering from the AM CoE Education & Workforce Development (E&WD) Program, which provides training opportunities for various levels of the AM workforce. Each workshop participant will receive a digital Verification of Completion Certificate from ASTM AM CoE. Workshop attendees interested in receiving .55 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) should complete a CEU application form. A certificate will be sent to the attendee approximately 4 to 6 weeks after the application form is received.

Registration for this workshop is open. Please note – Snapshot Workshop registration is separate from ASTM Committee F42 and ISO TC 261 registration.

  • ASTM Members: $150.00
  • Non-Members: $200.00

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Theme: Advanced Industrial Applications – Driving Additive Manufacturing Forward


Start Time Presentation Title Presented by
8:30 am Badge Pickup and Registration
9:00 am Opening Remarks Wolfgang Hehl, Augsburg Innovastionspark
9:10 am ASTM AM CoE Updates Martin White, ASTM International
9:30 am Progress in AM Beyond Laser-based Technologies Christian Seidel, Frauhofer IGCV/Munich University of Applied Sciences
9:55 am Industrialization of PBF-LB – Pilot
Line 2022 Based on an Automotive Use Case
Sebastian Blümer, GKN Additive
10:20 am 3D Printing at Scale - Challenges and Opportunities Alfred Griesser, VoxelJet
10:45 am BREAK
11:00 am Process Development in Advancing AM Industrialization Tim Lantzsch, Fraunhofer ILT
11:25 am Panel Discussion: Challenges in Driving Additive Manufacturing Forward Moderated by: Jasmin Kathrin Saewe, Fraunhofer ILT

- Sebastian Blümer, GKN Additive
- Alfred Griesser, VoxelJet
- Tina Johnscher, Bayern Innovativ
- Mario Schafnitzel, Grenzebach
12:30pm LUNCH
1:30 pm PBF-EB/M - Additive Manufacturing Process with New Perspectives Thorsten Löwer, pro beam GmbH & Co.
1:55 pm Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing for Large Aero Structures Filomeno Martina, WAAM3D
2:20 pm AM Developments for Rocket Engines Vasyl Kashevko, Rocket Factory Augsburg
2:45pm BREAK
3:00 pm Classification of Aviation AM Part Charles Park, Supernal
3:25 pm Depowdering in New Space - A Game Changer for Unlimited Part Design in AM Andreas Hartmann, Solukon
3:50 pm Additive Manufacturing In-Situ Monitoring Assisted by Edge AI Jeremie Farret, Mind in a Box, Inc.
4:15 pm Panel Discussion: What's Next in
Space and Aviation
Moderated by: Martin White, ASTM International

- Karl-Heinz Dusel, MTU
- Stefan Ritt, Consultant
- Charles Park, Supernal
- Martin Bullemer, AMCM
5:15 pm NETWORKING RECEPTION Hosted at Fraunhofer IGCV

Networking Recaption hosted at Fraunhofer IGCV | Am Technologiezentrum 10 | 86159 Augsburg
Rooftop, limited parking space next to the institute, more parking places at “Am Technologiezentrum 5” (access necessary)


  • Rocket Factory Augsburg

    Vasyl Kashevko

  • pro beam GmbH & Co

    Thorsten Löwer

  • Supernal

    Charles Park

  • WAAM3D

    Filomeno Martina

  • Solukon

    Andreas Hartmann

  • Bayern Innovativ

    Tina Johnscher

  • ASTM International

    Martin White

  • Fraunhofer IGCV

    Christian Seidel

  • GKN Additive

    Sebastian Blümer

  • Augsburg Innovationspark

    Wolfgang Hehl

  • Mind in a Box, Inc.

    Jeremie Farret

  • Fraunhofer ILT

    Jasmin Kathrin Saewe

  • Consultant

    Stefan Ritt

  • MTU

    Karl-Heinz Dusel

  • Grenzebach

    Mario Schafnitzel

  • Fraunhofer ILT

    Tim Lantzsch

  • VoxelJet

    Alfred Griesser


  • Fraunhofer ILT

    Jasmin Kathrin Saewe

  • Fraunhofer IGCV / Munich University of Applied Sciences

    Christian Seidel

  • Auburn University

    Nima Shamsaei

  • ASTM International

    Mohsen Seifi

Cooperation Partner

AM CoE by the Numbers

With decades of experience in additive manufacturing, our team of experts is integral to our work. With team members located throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia, the AM CoE is able to provide agile support for global initiatives.


combined in-kind, government agency, and ASTM investment
projects initiated that will address AM standardization gaps

How can I participate?

  • Support through Research and Development

    Through the AM CoE, research priorities are identified by the top minds in the field and are matched from the start to the standards that need to be generated to ensure the resulting AM technology’s success.

  • Consortium for Materials Data and Standardization

    Consortia for Materials Data & Standardization (CMDS) enables companies of all sizes from across the entire additive manufacturing ecosystem to collaborate on standardizing the best practices for materials data generation.

  • Explore On-Demand Webinars

    The webinar series provides guidance sessions on multiple and diverse topics in AM Design, Fabrication, Post-processing, Mechanical testing, Non-destructive evaluation, Applications, and Qualification and Certification.

  • Education & Workforce Development

    Comprehensive program that educates and trains the additive manufacturing workforce at all levels, while continually incorporating new advances to respond to industry needs and leverage standardization, certification, and AM CoE partner expertise.