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Certificate Course

Additive Manufacturing General Personnel VIRTUAL Certificate Course

August 02, 2022 -August 30, 2022

About the Course

The AM General Personnel Certificate Course is comprised of 8 modules that cover all the general concepts of the AM process chain. To give flexibility to the attendees, the course is scheduled such that two modules will be covered every week to complete the entire course in one month

This course will equip attendees with core technical knowledge related to common AM practices and will allow them to earn a General AM Certificate that will serve as the foundation and pre-requisite for earning future specialized role-based AM certificates through the ASTM AM CoE. Attendees will complete a multiple-choice exam upon course completion.

Who Should Attend?

Whether you are just stepping into AM or if you have experience and are looking to advance your knowledge and stay relevant, the General Personnel Certificate Course is for you. The course is recommended for technicians, managers, engineers, and other individuals from government agencies, industry, and academia with any level of AM experience.

Why Sign Up for This Course?

  • Gain core foundational technical knowledge covering the entire AM process chain
  • Stand out in the industry with ASTM E2659-18-compliant certificate from the globally recognized ASTM AM CoE
  • Chart your own path: This course is the first step toward multiple AM CoE role-based certificates
  • Each module taught by experts from academia, industry, national labs, and regulatory bodies

EARN A DIGITAL BADGE after successful completion of this course. These badges are an innovative way to showcase career knowledge, skills, and abilities obtained through professional development. Add the badges to your digital portfolios or share them on social and professional networks.

Course attendees interested in receiving 3.2 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) should complete a CEU application form. A certificate will be sent electronically to the attendee approximately 1-2 weeks following successful completion of the exam.

Course Schedule

This course will feature 18 experts across the field of additive manufacturing to provide a comprehensive course covering all of the general concepts of the AM process chain to its attendees. Attendees will be given virtual access to two modules per week for self learning and then a live Q&A session with course instructors will be held the following week to review content.

Week 1 - Begins August 2

Francisco Medina, Univ of Texas at El Paso
David Bourell, Univ of Texas at Austin

Provides an overview of AM with descriptions of different AM process categories, process steps, materials, applications and associated terminologies

Eujin Pei, Brunel University
David W. Rosen, Georgia Tech

Outlines key considerations
for AM design, including creating and working with design files, defining requirements, criticality, and material suitability, and conducting analysis and simulation

Week 1 – Live Q&A Session with Instructors: 9:00 – 11:00 am EDT on August 9

Week 2 - Begins August 8

Tony Thornton, Micromeritics
Louis-Philippe Lefebvre, NRC Canada

Covers feedstock behavior and its effects on part performance, powder characterization techniques, powder handling and storage, and powder re-use strategies

Richard Leach, Univ of Nottingham
Olaf Diegel, Wohlers Associates/Univ of Auckland

Provides a fundamental understanding of various post-processing methods, procedures, thermal processes, and surface finishing operations, as applicable to different material systems.

Week 2 – Live Q&A Session with Instructors: 9:00 am EDT – Feedstock, 1:00 pm EDT – Metrology and Post-Processing on August 16

Week 3 - Begins August 15

Francois Richard, P&W Canada

Provides an outline of safety considerations, including insights on risk assessment strategies such as identifying hazards, mitigation measures, facility design considerations, engineering and administrative considerations, and regulatory codes applicable to AM.

Don Roth, Roth Technical Consulting

Details non-destructive testing and inspection methods that can be applied to AM. Specific techniques are explained along with their benefits, limitations, and other requirements to perform the inspection.

Week 3 – Live Q&A Session with Instructors: 9:00 – 11:00 am EDT on August 23

Week 4- Begins August 22

Nima Shamsaei, Auburn University
Rachael Andrulonis/Royal Lovingfoss, WSU-NIAR

Focuses on fatigue testing and characterization and addresses testing requirements applicable to AM parts. Static and dynamic test methods, testing considerations, and interpretation of the results are the key focus areas.

Part 1: Matthew Di Prima, David Hwang, Phillip Pontikos, Daniel Porter, Anne Talley, FDA

Part 2: Douglas Wells, NASA and Michael Gorelik, FAA

Provides a general understanding on the activities necessary to qualify a process and certify a part against a set of application-based regulations.

Provides a general understanding on the activities necessary to qualify a process and certify a part against a set of application-based regulations.

Week 4 – Live Q&A Session with Instructors: 9:00 – 11:00 am EDT on August 30


  • Rachael Andrulonis

  • David L. Bourell

  • Olaf Diegel

  • Matthew Di Prima

  • Michael Gorelik

  • Richard Leach

  • Louis-Philippe Lefebvre

  • Royal Lovingfoss

  • Frank Medina

  • Francois Richard

  • David W. Rosen

  • Don Roth

  • Nima Shamsaei

  • Tony Thornton


For more information, please contact:

Dr. Nima Shamsaei
Auburn University

Ms. Rachael Andrulonis

Dr. Khalid Rafi
ASTM International

Dr. Mohsen Seifi
ASTM International

Online Learning

Attendees will be provided access to ASTM International’s Learning Center to complete this training. This access will include training videos and course work for each module of this Certificate Course.

AM CoE by the Numbers

With decades of experience in additive manufacturing, our team of experts is integral to our work. With team members located throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia, the AM CoE is able to provide agile support for global initiatives.


combined in-kind, government agency, and ASTM investment
projects initiated that will address AM standardization gaps

How can I participate?

  • Support through Research and Development

    Through the AM CoE, research priorities are identified by the top minds in the field and are matched from the start to the standards that need to be generated to ensure the resulting AM technology’s success.

  • Consortium for Materials Data and Standardization

    Consortia for Materials Data & Standardization (CMDS) enables companies of all sizes from across the entire additive manufacturing ecosystem to collaborate on standardizing the best practices for materials data generation.

  • Explore On-Demand Webinars

    The webinar series provides guidance sessions on multiple and diverse topics in AM Design, Fabrication, Post-processing, Mechanical testing, Non-destructive evaluation, Applications, and Qualification and Certification.

  • Education & Workforce Development

    Comprehensive program that educates and trains the additive manufacturing workforce at all levels, while continually incorporating new advances to respond to industry needs and leverage standardization, certification, and AM CoE partner expertise.