ASTM Certified Additive Manufacturer

Additive Manufacturing Quality (AMQ) Certification Program

About the Program

Additive Manufacturing is getting matured as a full-fledged industrial manufacturing process. To drive this growth, ASTM Committee F42 and ISO TC 261 have been developing additive manufacturing standards that cover different aspects of the technology. Qualification and certification are crucial in driving AM’s industrial adoption and to instill confidence in additive manufacturing processes and additively manufactured parts for end-use applications.

Additive Manufacturing Quality (AMQ) Certification program aims to qualify an additive manufacturer (service bureau/contract manufacturer) by demonstrating their capability to consistently produce quality AM parts while maintaining quality in processes, personnel, materials, and facility. This program is developed based on published ISO/ASTM AM standards and with inputs from industry stakeholders. This certification program can supplement the existing industry-specific QMS systems with additive manufacturing-specific requirements and establish a standardized level of quality in the AM supply chain.

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Why get certified?

  • This program provides an endorsement of quality from ASTM that demonstrates your compliance with globally recognized industry-relevant additive manufacturing standards.
  • Achieving certification shows your commitment to quality and continuous improvement.
  • A certified AM facility against recognized standards could ease the burden of extended inspection and audits, thereby reducing a significant amount of time, effort, and cost.
  • OEMs can award you contracts with confidence, knowing that you have a system that has been audited and approved by ASTM.
  • Improve your reputation and increase profitability in this emerging field by building trust within the industry.

Organizations Certified

So far, four major additive manufacturers have been certified against this program, including Sintavia, FL, USA; Morf3D, CA, USA; MIMO TECHNIK, CA, USA; and ST Engineering Land Systems, Singapore, showcasing their commitment to quality in the industry.

“As a proud collaborator and partner of the ASTM AM COE, we are delighted to be among the first group of companies with certified facilities under the AMQ program. At Morf3D, we remain dedicated to manufacturing high-quality, dependable products that meet and surpass industry standards and customer expectations. Obtaining an ASTM Additive Manufacturing AMQ Certificate is more than just a validation of quality; it demonstrates our unwavering commitment to excellence and safety in the constantly evolving field of additive manufacturing.”

Dr. Behrang Poorganji, Vice President of Materials and Advanced Technologies, MORF3D

How is this Certification Program different?

  • Industry agnostic – not limited to any specific industry
  • Developed based on globally recognized international standards created by ISO/ASTM
  • Modular approach towards a comprehensive AM facility certification with future integration of other certifications such as Personnel Certification, and Facility Safety Certification

Scope of Certification

The AMQ certification scheme is built upon the below ISO/ASTM standards:

  • ISO/ASTM 52901:2017 Additive manufacturing — General principles — Requirements for purchased AM parts
  • ISO/ASTM 52904:2019 Additive manufacturing — Process characteristics and performance — Practice for metal powder bed fusion process to meet critical applications

The above overarching standards call out other relevant standards for some specific requirements such as testing and characterization. More standards applicable to AM quality will be referenced in the certification scheme as and when additional standards are available.

Quality Audits

The audits are performed based on the audit checklist covering the requirements in applicable standards. The audit will be performed in two stages:

  1. Pre-audit to assess the readiness of the organization
  2. Final certification audit to determine the compliance with the standards

Upon successfully completing the audit, ASTM will award the AMQ Certification mark that embodies your capability to produce quality AM parts and make you stand out from the rest. The certification is valid for three years, and ASTM will perform an annual surveillance audit during this period to ensure continued compliance with the requirements.

AM CoE by the Numbers

With decades of experience in additive manufacturing, our team of experts is integral to our work. With team members located throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia, the AM CoE is able to provide agile support for global initiatives.


combined in-kind, government agency, and ASTM investment
projects initiated that will address AM standardization gaps

How can I participate?

  • Support through Research and Development

    Through the AM CoE, research priorities are identified by the top minds in the field and are matched from the start to the standards that need to be generated to ensure the resulting AM technology’s success.

  • Consortium for Materials Data and Standardization

    Consortia for Materials Data & Standardization (CMDS) enables companies of all sizes from across the entire additive manufacturing ecosystem to collaborate on standardizing the best practices for materials data generation.

  • Explore On-Demand Webinars

    The webinar series provides guidance sessions on multiple and diverse topics in AM Design, Fabrication, Post-processing, Mechanical testing, Non-destructive evaluation, Applications, and Qualification and Certification.

  • Education & Workforce Development

    Comprehensive program that educates and trains the additive manufacturing workforce at all levels, while continually incorporating new advances to respond to industry needs and leverage standardization, certification, and AM CoE partner expertise.