Data Pedigree (EWI)

Project: Standardization of Data Pedigree

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Relatively recent developments, such as digital data acquisition, automation, data analysis, and data sharing have the potential to exponentially accelerate the AM development timeline. This exponential growh has not yet been observed due to gaps in the ability to easily share data and in the consistency of data that is gathered across groups.

Impact (Standardization Gaps)

Standards Gap Addressed:

AMSC Gap D19: Organization Schema Requirement and Design Configuration Control


A standard, defining a minimum subset of data entries and the taxonomy of those data entries, is a key first step towards data sharing. The work in this project will establish a first draft of a common data dictionary for AM, best practices for data sharing, and a data management roadmap that integrates the needs of various agencies.


  • Draft of a common data dictionary for AM processes and measurements that also defines relationships between these items.

  • A roadmap to future data management standards and best practices based on key stakeholder feedback.

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