Polymer AM Testing (NIAR)

Static Properties for Polymer AM (Continuation)

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Static property test methods commonly used in the thermoplastics industry do not apply to specimens produced using AM.  The lack of AM specific test methods has halted adoption of the technology preventing process control allowables and design values from being generated for even mature materials and processes.

Impact (Standardization Gaps)

Successful evaluation and capture of lessons learned from previously completed polymer-AM qualification programs are expected to address gaps in notched properties such as open-hole tension & compression, filled-hole tension & compression, and shear.  


A series of prep-print-test tasks will be performed on a variety of build (toolpath) strategies and/or alternative geometries along with proper test setup and performance will be evaluated and validated.  


An industry approved test matrix and test plan will be created to oversee and communicate progress on the test program.  A final report summarizing the findings and data generated from the validation phase of this program will be made available.  A standards guidance document will be generated to become an AM-addendum to the previously identified ASTM standards of interest.  

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