Research and Development

Innovatively turning research into AM standards

“This might be the first time in the history of standardization that an organization has coordinated extensive investments to fund research that directly helps to close the standardization gaps.”
— Nima Shamsaei, Associate Professor, Auburn University

Through the AM CoE, research priorities are identified by the top minds in the field and are matched from the start to the standards that need to be generated to ensure the resulting AM technology’s success. 

Under the leadership of the R&D team, the AM CoE partners plan and conduct coordinated R&D projects, prioritized annually and targeted to expedite the AM standards needed to address the most critical gaps in the AM ecosystem.  

How it works


Current R&D Progress and Achievements

R&D Roadmap

With input from government agencies, regulators, and subcommittee chairs within ASTM International’s Committee on Additive Manufacturing Technologies (F42), the partners have identified, evaluated, and prioritized a critical set of topics that are forming the foundation of an R&D roadmap. The roadmap will help facilitate the development of high-value standards with quality characteristics that will ensure they are immediately beneficial to the AM.

  • Quality

    Standards will be technically accurate

  • Usability

    Standards will be high-impact and relevant to stakeholder needs

  • Cohesiveness

    Standards will be consistent, non-contradictory, and non-overlapping

  • Uniquness

    Standards will fill gaps, not duplicate existing efforts

  • Efficiency

    Where possible, existing standards will be used as a foundation and built on to address the needs of AM

  • Value

    Standards will target common production challenges to allow industry to take advantage of the opportunities of AM


R&D Projects

The AM CoE’s first round of R&D projects, covering five focus areas, were announced in October 2018. 

Project Opportunities

Request for Ideas: Short-Term R&D Gaps for AM Standardization

ASTM International (ASTM) Additive Manufacturing (AM) Center of Excellence (CoE) is seeking ideas from ASTM F42 members for short-term R&D needs critical to advancing AM standards development

Ideas will be evaluated by the ASTM F42.90.05 Section of the F42 Executive Committee. Successful ideas will be assigned to AM CoE partners, who will collaborate with associated ASTM F42 members to develop detailed statements of work and will then conduct the research.

ASTM anticipates up to six awards under this Request for Ideas (RFI) competition. Ideas are dues by June 17, 2019 by 5:00 pm EST. Late ideas will not be accepted. 

Read the RFI document for full details